Proudly made in Australia, the well-loved “snuggles range” of Britt Bears are created from their signature, super-soft, chenille look fabric and are available in six colours. Each snuggles soft toy has a flat design (with no little hard bits) with hand stitched nose and eyes, and is baby safe and encompasses a special appeal that babies will love and treasure. 24cm.


Each and every Britt Bear is lovingly packaged in an elegant Britt signature white box and comes with the promise of their Emergency Bear Service, for lost bears or those in need of repair. Their super special “warrenteddy ”.


Our own children loved their Britt Bears and still have them 14 years on! 


Still lovingly made in Australia for over 19 years and also a part of many a childhood, creating memories, companionship and comfort. 

Britt Bear Super soft and snuggly 24cm